Allen (Rocky), Liz (Miz-Liz), John (Tex)

Miz Liz Records

This record label came about as a birthday present for my wife Liz.

The first record was kept under wraps, as good friends Charlie Thompson and The Barnstompers secretly collaborated in a studio in Utrecht, the Netherlands, to lay down two tracks.

Tomorrow Night is a classic tune that Liz loves. Covered by many, including Elvis Presley, but no one does it quite like Charlie, the flip was a Dave Rich track called Ain't It Fine . I'll be eternally grateful to Charlie, Kees, Jeroem and everyone else who played on or helped out on these tracks. Needless to say the wife liked her birthday present.

We pressed 500 in Black vinyl and 34 copies on a clear blue vinyl.

After the first 45 we decided to keep it going and press 45s from bands that Liz liked.

LIZ002 was a bunch of guys from Seattle who we bumped into in Amsterdam. Roy Kay and the boys became close friends after recording the rip roaring Travel Bound and would later return as the Margraves for "LIZ004".

LIZ003 was never officially released due to a label printing issue and the tracks being made available to another label. Every now and again I would do a label fix and send a few over to the artist "Junior Marvel" so they are out there somewhere.

The last 45 we released was from a young band we met in Tokyo. The Stompin' Riff Raffs had not yet put anything out and it just seems right that such a talented bunch of kids should have a record out so we sent them to the studio and released their first record "Horror Show"/"Parabellum" as LIZ005.

It's been a while since we released anything on Miz-Liz. People often ask me if I still have copies of these 45s. The answer is yes but some of them in very limited numbers. I may put some up for sale here in the future.

The other thing that people ask me is whether we ever release any new 45s. The answer to that is easy.. all you have to do is impress Miz Liz!

Tomorrow Night - LIZ001

Charlie Thompson and The Barnstompers

This is the rarer blue vinyl but the same tracks are out there on the more common black vinyl version

Track A - Tomorrow Night
Track B - Ain't It Fine

Travel Bound  - LIZ002

The Roy Kay Trio

Pressed on red vinyl

Track A - Travel Bound
Track B - One Year Ago Tonight

Big Blonde Beer Drinkin' Mama - LIZ003

Junior Marvel 

This 45 was not officially released due to flipped labels. Also the tracks were released on another label so we held it back. 
Over time some labels were "fixed" and 45s distributed by the artist

Track A - Big Blonde Beer Drinkin' Mama
Track B - Love Me 

Horror Show - LIZ004

The Stompin' Riffraffs

Issued on green vinyl this one sold out in a matter of weeks

Track A - Horror Show
Track B - Parabellum

That Somethin' - LIZ005

The Margraves

Another project by Roy Kay and the boys, with flip featuring Roy's wife too

Pressed in yellow vinyl

Track A  - That Somethin'
Track B -  Gal Trouble